Data Sheet

Additional Information


Power Consumption: 800w

Roast Capacity: 300g 

Dimension: 51 cm (L)*31 cm (W)*39 cm (H)

Temp Range: ~220℃; adjustable.  one degree ℃ increment.

Range of Control :100~220℃

Product specifications:

1.   Heat from glass tube generates FIR much like your cast iron cookware.  This conducts heat beautifully, seamlessly transitions from the tube to the coffee bean evenly . Making it taste better. 

2.   Energy Efficient, Innovation, hi Tech.

3.   Micro-Processor Control Panel is easy to learn and operate. Pre-programmed control installed;

4.   Entirely new experience in seeing the green coffee beans roasted to dark beauties in the Glass Quartz Heater.

5.  Small in Size, High in Power.

6.  Good Heating curve, machine can be manually operated to roast the beans to your liking.

7.   Never have to buy stale coffee from the supermarket again.

8. Heat efficiency is over 95%